Unveiling your Customer


Sparkflow Customer Insight

The "Customer Insight" packaged analytic model jumpstarts the value of the Sparkflow platform. Key provisions include...

  • a focus on metrics and perspectives most institutions can't easily evaluate
  • the ability to deal with facts not "gut" feelings
  • a step beyond a data warehouse to empower advanced analytics
  • the transformation of data into actionable information
  • a view of your customer from not only a branch, but a virtual perspective

Bottom line: Sparkflow increases the ROI from your information assets!



Financial Footprint

Sparkflow efficiently creates and updates nightly a data warehouse to provide real-time, dashboard-formatted customer insights...

  • Who is using us as their primary institution?
  • What are the preferred channels for each customer?
  • Who is using non-bank payment providers?
  • Who performs external transfers to other institutions?
  • Who prefers vendor auto-drafts over our bill pay system?

Analytics that Support Key Objectives

Customer Insight provides analytics to support your organization's key goals and objectives.

  • Identify customers that exhibit behavior leading to attrition 
  • Suggest customers with potential for cross-sell opportunities
  • Highlight profitable customers that need attention
  • Monitor new customers to maximize additional product sales
Org Goals.png