The SPARKFLOW Data Analytics Platform

  • Source Data:  The Sparkflow platform can process data from core systems, specialized banking tools, on-line bank applications, custom solutions, and even manual file-based data
  • Data Warehouse:  Sparkflow’s automated user-defined ETL processes consolidate source data into a data warehouse and customized analytic cubes.  The Sparkflow designers allow customizations to fit each bank’s unique requirements.
  • Reporting/Analytics:  Sparkflow’s modules for Customer Insight and Performance Insight provide focused information for analysis and decision-making.  In addition, any number of third-party tools can be used to access the Sparkflow data for specialized reporting.



Sparkflow Designers

  • The Sparkflow Data Warehouse Designer is a browser-based tool used to architect building and loading the data warehouse.
  • The Sparkflow Cube Designer, an additional browser-based application, provides the definition and maintenance of analytic data cubes.
  • These tools are available to advanced users to customize the specific Sparkflow implementation.